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zigzag diet

Being healthy is the key to lead a good and fit life. And to stay healthy it is really important to keep you sound physically and mentally. By doing exercises regularly and following an appropriate diet chart, you can keep yourself fit. Sometimes it may happen that you do not find the right way to diet or which diet chart you should follow. Well, if you are planning to lose weight and achieve your fitness goal, you can follow a zigzag diet plan. We shall discuss further the zigzag diet plan.

What Is a Zigzag Diet?

A zigzag diet, which is also known as calorie cycling or calorie shifting diet, is a beneficial dieting plan. Its main focus is to change or moderate or alternate the number of calories you are having per day throughout the week. The zigzag diet involves alternating the number of calories between the higher calories intake and the lower calorie intake. 

The zigzag diet does not follow a strict diet plan and restrictions. It focuses on the calorie intake you are supposed to do. You can eat the same number of calories on 3 to 4 days of a week and other days you can take more or fewer calories. The basic idea is to follow 4 days of change and 3 days of remaining the same. Few people also follow 5 days of change and 2 days of the same. You can plan the diet according to your way. 

Why You Should Have Zigzag Diet:

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Zigzag diet plan can be beneficial for you in several ways. Those are stated below:

  • First thing first, if you are looking for an easy-going diet chart or so to say, trying to avoid a strict or restricted chart then the zigzag diet plan is for you.
  • The zigzag diet is the booster of plateaus. If you want to avoid plateaus then a zigzag diet plan is perfect for you as it focuses on your caloric intake in a  zigzag way and will create metabolic confusion which is eventually gonna help you in the long run.
  • If you follow a zigzag diet chart regularly, that will help you to lose weight and maintain and build the body muscles.
  • The zigzag diet increases your metabolic rate which helps to burn calories and shed unwanted fat. helps you to get your desired fitness goal.
  • The zigzag diet plan is extremely adaptable. As it depends on the calories you are having per day, you can change the amount of your requirement at any time and it does not take much time to adjust in this diet plan.

If you want to take a zigzag diet plan, you should first check on your daily calorie intake and your fitness goal with other necessary information then follow the chart of your requirement.


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As dieting is subjective it varies from one person to another so it is always safe to go with a zigzag diet plan where you can eat the food you want to by taking care of the right amount of calories you are supposed to take. 

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